AMTECH COMPUTER SOLUTIONS is designed and dedicated to building the future of a powerful, self-dependent Ghana; a power that comes from knowledge and highly skilled indigenous workforce. Working in this direction, it established the LAPTOP REPAIR CENTER, Ghana’s No1 IT Repair Services and Computer Training Center in Koforidua, in 2014 to shape and perfect the region’s future IT Leaders and Experts.

In this world of rapidly growing technology. In recent years, the usage of Laptop and PC has been enhanced rapidly all over the world. No task is completed without a computer or Laptop. Most of them have their own personal computers. It plays a vital role in any technology which gets updated. A Laptop is more like a mini office where all our data and information are stored. At the same time, all the computer and laptops will have a particular lifetime, and it’s parts get damaged. So there is a significant demand for servicing the Laptops and PC.

Amtech Computer Solutions is a company founded in 2014 by J.A. Banson to provide reliable and modern technological services to Ghana and the world. Amtech Computer Solutions specializes Laptop Repairs and Services, Computer Sales  and Accessories,  Computer Software and Hardware Training.  Amtech computer Solution is the best number One Computer Repair Services in Koforidua.

Although PC/laptop issues come in many shapes and sizes, there are some problems that tend to surface more often than others. Some of the most common PC/laptop service inquiries include:

  • Why is my laptop starting up so slowly?
  • What do I do if my laptop suddenly freezes?
  • I have a Windows blue screen error. How do I get rid of it?
  • How do I perform a system recovery?
  • How do I fix a fatal exception error?
  • Why is my Wi-Fi suddenly slow/not working?
  • Why does my PC shut off without warning?

With technical problems, your chances of finding a solution online get better with every additional detail you’re able to provide. Some issues are more easily repaired in person, but a computer expert can still assist you remotely if you’re able to provide all the information they need. Before connecting with a laptop Expert, be sure to have the following details prepared:

  • Your PC/laptop’s brand and operating system
  • The problem you’ve been having
  • Any relevant details, such as error messages, symptoms, etc.
  • The length of time for which you’ve noticed the issue
  • Any troubleshooting methods you’ve already attempted

With this information, you’ll be ready to have a productive session with the Expert.

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